Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Interior Design: 7 Creative Work Spaces

I'm a lucky girl. I have the most wonderful and patient boyfriend who let me turn our spare bedroom into a craft room, while he suffers out in the dinning room with a table and a bookshelf. What can I say? I have more crafty crap and most of his hobbies involve the garage, so it seemed fair. But I've been feeling guilty lately because I'm not great at organizing, making it really difficult to actually craft in my craft room. Essentially, it's a giant, somewhat orderly storage closet. I have a tendency to grab what I need and just craft in the living room anyway. I know. I'm a jerk. So, I think it's time to start getting myself organized in a way that makes it easy to use the craft room. For that inspiration, I go to Pinterest (naturally).

Before I can build a collection of cool craft room organization tips, I need to get my layout right and it's all wrong.  If I've learned anything from browsing the Internet, it's that I need to get all my supplies right in front of my face.

That's why I love the pegboard in the office idea! It's such a simple way to have all your tools right in front of your face, while looking stylish and organized. Amazing. You gotta paint the pegboard though, right? That's the secret.

Or I gotta make use of all the wall space I can and start building up.

I wish that I could have a super simple and chic work space like this one, but the reality is I love to try and do too many things. Maybe if I decided to only sew or knit or make jewelry, until then I need a pegboard and tons of wall mounted shelves!

All images from my Work Spaces Pinterest board. 

How do you get your home work space organized?

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