Monday, August 25, 2014

Home Design: Backyard Greenhouses

I'm not a green thumb. I'm not a black thumb either, but let's just say it's harder for me to keep plants alive than it is to kill them. That's mostly my fault, because I was never interested in hardening growing up. My mother loves to garden. She is almost always in our backyard with her gardening gloves, but it just never appealed to me. And, to be honest, it still doesn't completely. Having taken the time to grow a handful of plants this summer, I understand a little bit better now, but I still don't have the patience for it.

The one thing about gardening that I always did love, though, was the end result. Sitting in botanic gardens or greenhouses was always my favorite thing to do. I was always jealous of my parents' friends who had the lush gardens with stone pathways leading to a hidden seating areas - like a secret garden. I don't think anything makes the facade of a house more homey than a well-arranged flowerbed. So, ever since I was little, I thought the one thing I need to be happy in my home when I grow up, is a backyard big enough to build a greenhouse.
They've always fascinated me. It's bringing the outside in, but still having a clear view of this mass expanse of sky. What could be more perfect or calming after a long week at work? I really love visiting the conservatories in Chicago for that reason, but wouldn't it be nice if you had a little getaway like that in your own backyard? I always thought so and for that reason, I bring you this little collection of greenhouses! 

The idea of a backyard greenhouse makes just too perfect of an escape from reality. It'd be the only place where you can be alone, in quiet with nature. The biggest plus is that you can make it all your own! From the types of plants to arrangements of flowers - if only I were good at planning those types of things out.

 Wouldn't these be just the most perfect greenhouse doors?

 This one greenhouse above is another great idea. Sub in a daybed for any plants if you're not exactly a green thumb, like me. It'd still make for a perfect getaway and it's one that you can nap in.

This tiny greenhouse give me hope, because you obviously don't need a ton of space to create a potting shed or greenhouse. Maybe I shouldn't let the dream die just yet.

You can find all these gorgeous greenhouses and more on my Gorgeous Gardens Pinterest board.

Do you have something that would make your dream backyard? 

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