Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tutorial: DIY Hanging Necklace Organizer

Maybe you're not like me and you're ahead of the game, but winter makes me not want to do a thing. I am definitely on the new-year-lets-get-organized-bandwagon, but I suck. So, it takes me forever to get anything done. I'm working through stuff slowly. First the clothes, then the jewelry, and finally the craft supplies. I've gotten as far as the jewelry! We can call that progress, right?

Anyway, I wanted to share a tutorial with you guys today on how I got all my necklaces organized for under $15. Organization on the cheap is my middle name (you have no idea how many glass jars I have saved just for this reason). When I realized my old method of displaying my necklaces was falling apart and totally ineffective, I figured it was time to make something new. Ta-da! The Hanging Necklace Organizer Tutorial was born. (Apologies in advance for the lack of photos. I need to get better at taking pictures at night)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I Wore: The Bomb Girls Edition

It's been freezing in Chicago. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a big baby when it comes to the cold, it's literally been dangerous to set foot outside for the second time this month. As you can imagine, taking outfit photos or wearing anything that doesn't make me look like the Queen of the Bag Ladies has been next to impossible. I am sick of it. I've even been wearing pants. PANTS! What is the world coming to?

The never-ending polar vortex has forced me to discover new shows on Netflix as well, because, well, what else am I going to do? After I finished all the seasons of MadMen (yes, I'm incredibly behind on tv), I had the urge to keep watching a period television series. That's where Bomb Girls comes in. The show follows a group of women working in a munitions factory in 1942 Canada and aside from the drama, the outfits are to die for. These 1940s style dresses have seriously re-newed my love of all things vintage.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dark Interiors: Macabre Charm in Grey Walls

I have to admit, I have a dark streak in me. On occasion, I'm drawn like a moth to the macabre - explaining my love of all things skull-printed. As obsessed as I currently am with any interior that has white walls with touches of wood, this shadowy shoot by photographer Tommaso Sartori really grabbed my attention.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

60s Chic in Warby Parker's Palm Canyon Collection

Like all style conscious girls, I love a good pair of specs. There's nothing worse than not feeling like putting your contacts, but having no other choice. So I make sure I have choices, lots of them. Thanks to the Internet, the perfect pair of frames doesn't have to set you back $600 at the eye doctor. Sites like Warby Parker have made it so easy to have a collection of frames instead of one pair that you have to wear until they break (we be-speckled ladies have all been there). BUT because it's so easy, I'm also constantly shopping new frames and the one set I haven't been able to find is the perfect brown/neutral pair. The time has come, my friends!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Interior Design: Industrial Chic Shopping

I was browsing around the Internetz, as usual, real estate stalking like I normally do when a Google ad caught my eye (damn you, Google ads!). Now, I'm a sucker for those membership discount sites just like anyone else, but they are usually a hodge podge of items. You get up to 80% off on anything you can think of (I just bought a set of fleece leggings on one of those). I've never found one more tailored to me than Dot & Bo.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Start, New You!

Well, we did it folks! One more year behind us. Busy, quick, eye-opening - 2013 was a lot of things, but it's definitely helping me realize what I want 2014 to be. One thing I wish I had done more in 2013 was blog. Somewhere between starting a new job and making new friends, I lost the time and the urge to create. I think now, closer to a new start, I'm finding it again. With that, more blogging and more tutorials!

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