Sunday, February 8, 2015

10 Funny Valentine's Day Cards for the Romantically Challenged

I don't really make it a secret that I hate Valentine's Day. Yes, hate. I'm not single or bitter or whatever else you assume about people who say they hate Valentine's Day but only really hate it when they don't have someone to celebrate with. I just greatly dislike the super forced fake sentiment that comes with it. If you love me, great! Tell me all the time and take me out on date on the regular. Don't save some grand romantic gesture or a day in February when you're jammed in a restaurant with 40 other couples. Oh geez. I'm going to break out in hives just thinking about it.

That being said, I like cards. I think they're funny and they're a nice gesture any time of the year to say, "Hey you, I was thinking about you. Here's a piece of paper I found to prove it." Cute, right? I'm sure I'm not the only romantically challenged girl on the Internet, so in a show of solidarity here are a few card options you can still pick up if your way of saying "I love you" involves Netflix and pizza.

10 Funny Valentine's Day Cards for the Romantically Challenged

First off, for the cat lovers:

For the unsentimental:

For the awkwardly romantic:

So there you go! Pick your favorite, unromantic/romantic card for the person you love sitting quietly on the couch with. Maybe it'll get you laid ;) Or maybe you can just eat an entire pizza and cuddle. No one's judging love here! '

Which anti-Valentine's Day card is your favorite?

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring a card from FourLetterWordCards- you seriously rock my socks!

    1. Oh, you're so welcome! Your cards are hilarious. :)


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