Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The SMEG Revolution

The SMEG Revolution is upon us. Yes, it's true. Hold on to your hats people. For those of you interested in the interior design world, those that follow interior design blogs, or, heck, even just hang out on Pinterest sometimes, you're familiar with the SMEG refrigerator. It's the vintage, candy-colored appliance of your dreams. And it costs a pretty penny to make your kitchen look like it has hopped out of the 1950s, so, for most of us, it has always been very much a dream. Well, dream no more my design friends! Your kitchen appliances are so close to being candy-colored, you should almost be able to taste it!

That's right, SMEG is in the process of launching their small appliance line. Do you know what that means? One day you could be popping toast into your SMEG toaster and pouring tea from your minimalist SMEG tea kettle! All my retro kitchen dream could be a reality!

 Personally, I think I'm going to start saving my pennies for a toaster, but I also need a stand mixer (hint, hint, Christmas is coming). So we'll see what happens, if anything. But what I love about these designs is that they're so charmingly 50s in the sense that they all kind of look like space ships. It's the future from the 50s standpoint and it's awesome. That retro space vibe, like you see when watching the Jetsons, is so kitschy and fun.

UPDATE: Just kidding, you can snag the toaster and the mixer at West Elm. But they are by no means a steal. Start saving those nickels and dimes right now!

I mean, just look how good they look in their natural habitats. (Also, this kitchen looks gorgeous, I must find more pictures.

As for price point, they seem to still be rolling these models out, so I'm not sure where you can buy them currently. However, I'm hoping that a toaster will be around regular toaster prices. It remains to be seen! In the meantime, BRB while I daydream about which colors would match my teal green kitchen the best.

What do you think? Awesome retro design or over-hyped?

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