Monday, October 27, 2014

Interior Design: Southern Farmhouse Charm

I think I could live on a farm. At this point in my life, I'm over the big city livin' and I know that sounds weird to say considering that I'm only 26, but I do think I'm over it. I could slow down for a while. Especially, if farm house living meant a quaint little home with a studio space and plenty of land to run around on. Now, that I could definitely live with.

This wonderful farmhouse in Tennessee is actually on the local register of historic sites and is occupied by an artist and her family, thus explaining the studio space and the creative charm that it evokes.

There's something so great about the interior design of this home that has a combination of old and new, classic and retro. It still very much feels like a farmhouse, but without the cheesy, over-done look of a Better Homes & Gardens photo shoot. It's lived-in in the best possible way. I love the collection of vintage rugs and furniture that you could find in your grandma's house, mixed in with newer style choices. Here, rustic takes a backseat and the classic style elements really shine through.


The perfect space to host a dinner party? I think so.

Between the music and the studio space, it's obvious that this almost traditional space is the home of a lot of creativity!

Did this dash all your gallery wall dreams? Mine too. I can never compare.

Charming, elegant, classic, modern, and cool - that's one difficult combination and looks awesome in this house!

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