Monday, March 2, 2015

Favorite Things: Cozy Winter Necessities

If the constant snow storms and freezing cold are any indication, we're still in for a long month of winter ahead. Luckily for us, there are plenty of ways to bog down, get cozy, stay warm, and pretend that the outdoors don't exist. So to help each other out through these rough and windy days and dream of blankets, candles, and warm tea, I've put together a collection of all my favorite things that make winter hibernation not so bad.

First off, what everyone needs to start hibernation season is something warm to drink and nothing makes tea better than an adorable tea pot with an even cuter infuser. I'm a loose tea drinker mainly because I like the idea of wasting less packaging, but with all these new and adorable infusers, it's hard not be a loose tea drinker!

Now you have your tea, time to get cozy with the perfect blanket! Doesn't this striped linen duvet set from Parachute just look like you could spend all day in it? There's nothing like fresh sheets on a cold day.

Or you could curl up with your tea cup and this cozy blanket from Modcloth.

Blanket, check. Tea, check. Now grab one of these cozy scarves and sweaters, because you know the heat bill is the worst thing about surviving through winter. One way to cut back? Layer up!
This vintage sweater from the shop is so soft and cozy, it's perfect for leggings and Netflix binges!

Or you can never go wrong with a cute sweatshirt and a fuzzy circle scarf when trying to cozy up. 

OR pick up this adorable hand knit polka dot cowl made by one of my bestest friends!

I hope you're finding your own ways to survive the cold this winter and if you live on the west coast please, please, please let me move in with you.

Stay warm!

FYI this post does contain affiliate links, but only to some my favorite shops! Sharing the love :)

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