Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Loving Right Now: Kitschy Vintage Kitchen Decor

I'm still in the process of trying to make my new apartment feel like a home and it's been so hard to focus on just one room. I want to buy everything, for every room, all at once! Anyone else understand this feeling?

Of course, I can't do that because as much as I wish I am, I am not a millionaire. So, I've been doing it slowly — paycheck by painstaking paycheck and cutting corners where I can. Like the responsible human being that I am. Unfortunately, all this has allowed me to do is continue adding items to an ever growing list of "wants". That combined with my inability to focus on one room has created an odd list and caused be to buy things on impulse - making for some very odd, half-finished rooms. To combat this insanity, I've decided to share it with you! Aren't you excited? In an effort to focus, I'm just going to share my wants, my loves, my hopes, and my dreams for my new apartment room by room. Maybe that way I won't wonder why I have an extensive plate collection for the kitchen walls but still no table for the craft room (yes, this is a real problem).

This is not a picture of my kitchen, I just wish it was. But I am stealing this idea of keeping stuff above the cabinets. 

Today, I'm starting with the kitchen! I've just got a tiled backsplash put in (courtesy of my very handy father), so now I'm super motivated to get at least the kitchen feeling like it's finished. I love the idea of painting the inside of the cabinets, or at least putting contact paper up on just the back wall. BUT my kitchen color scheme is currently this kind of mint green and red combo, with a pop of yellow, so I think adding more color to the backs of the cabinets might just be too much.

Instead, I'm focusing on the details. Now that the backsplash is up, the kitchen has really warmed up and I even have a little homemade curtain on the window! (I never thought I'd be this Martha Stewart about my house, but here I am so I'm rolling with it.) Since the walls are mint green and the backsplash is yellow, I thought adding in little pops or red was the best way to go, but I also just (obviously) love vintage style things, so there are a few things on my wish-list right now that I couldn't pass up.

Kitschy Vintage Kitchen Wishlist:

1. Vintage Blacksmith Mug Tree
2. Cast Iron Trivet - because duh.
3. Vintage Style Pie Servers
4. Patisserie Cake Carrier
5. Vintage Coca Cola Crate with Dividers
6. Vintage Style Cake Stand

I bought a yellow hand mixer (yes, it's KitchenAid, and yes, it's glorious) to go with the kitchen and make my baking life easier, so now I'm dreaming of pretty serving spoons and cake stands. Although, I still haven't found the perfect red cake stand, the vintage one above is freaking adorable. Like imagine having tea and muffins on a table with that thing. Can you say classy?  (Which is probably also why it's a million bucks, but this is a wishlist after all.)

I also saw this adorable tutorial on turning the vintage Coca Cola crate into a spice rack and it just seems too perfect for my kitchen! I think that is actually going to be my next project.

What's on your kitchen wishlist right now? 

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