Monday, June 1, 2015

What I Wore: The Modern Vintage Edition

You're all a smart bunch of people, I'm sure it hasn't escaped you by now that I love vintage and retro style and even sell my own finds on Etsy. Well, when the Internet first starting being a huge shopping hub (wow, that sentence makes me feel ancient even though this was probably only 10 years ago or so), it opened up a whole new world of vintage possibilities! I spent so much time searching online for the perfect 40s style dresses and rockabilly handbags. It was a sickness. Still is, I guess. However, back in those days, your options for true vintage and vintage reproduction were limited and pricey. I would drool over styles from Stop Staring! hoping that I could one day afford something from their collection. And I still do.

Of course, now the Internet has made it easier than ever to find vintage reproduction styles for any price range. It's really nuts how easy it is and I find a new favorite site every day. The dress below is from a store in the UK called Voodoo Vixen that I just discovered a few months ago!

Outfit Details:
Teal Cardigan - Local Boutique (similar)
Vintage Pink Bag - Thrifted (similar)

I adore this shop. It seems that Voodoo Vixen sources their own fabric and create their own designs, so you can really find some cute vintage reproduction dress that you can't find other places. Unfortunately, their international shipping is quite where it needs to be, so if you're ordering to the states, expect to wait about a month to get your items. But once they arrived, I couldn't have been happier! The quality was great and the dresses looked just as cute on me as they did on the models. I bought two dresses, so expect to see the other one on here soon :)

Shopping vintage reproduction is a lot easier than shopping true vintage, as the success of Modcloth makes obvious. I mean it's so much easier to buy a vintage style dress that you like when it actually comes in your size! But I still love the hunt, which you don't get when shopping new items. Like the purse in this outfit I found when thrifting for items for the shop and I just couldn't let it go (sorry guys!). Yea, I could have found something similar in a store, but it wouldn't come with the same sense of pride! I worked hard digging through junk to find this gem.

*Please ignore my squinty face in all these pictures. It was one of those painfully bright sun days. But it was sunny! Yay! Sun!

Anyway, if you're into vintage style, but not looking for the hunt, bookmark some of my favorite shops! These are definitely my go-tos when it comes to vintage style shopping. And no commission here, these are just honestly shops I love and wanted to share because they deserve it!

Vintage Shops to Bookmark

Stop Staring - like I mentioned above, they make great quality, adorable vintage reproduction.

Plasticland - This was one of the first online shops that I discovered that carried cute and vintage style rockabilly clothing. It's a little rock n roll and a little morbid, but also adorable. Seriously, just look at these shoes.

Pinup Girl Clothing - Another shop to die for. Their collection of adorable dresses became even more adorable in the last few years with new prints and patterns. I get their emails and you should too. You know, unless you like money and not spending it all, then maybe don't. Oh, and PLUS SIZES!

Voodoo Vixen - Based out of the UK, so don't order anything last minute, but you'll wanted to order quickly as quantities are limited!

Modcloth - Of course, this is the original, mass appeal vintage shop. I still love it because you can shop by era, which is just cool.

Unique Vintage - This is another site that started early on and even though they carry a lot of stuff you can kind of find anywhere, their prices are pretty great so you can sometimes find a really great deal on something cute!

Stranger Than Vintage - My shop, of course! I only pick out things that I myself think are amazing, not just things that I think will sell. So normally, I love pretty much everything I list.

Those are just my favorite places to browse. Did I miss something? Do you have a shop I've never heard of? Leave it in the comments! Not like I need more places to window shop, but it can't hurt, right?

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