Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things I Love: Pretty Pastels

This past weekend I noticed that the trees were starting to bloom all over the city and I couldn't have screamed more like a little girl. It's official! We're done with the dreary days of winter and moving to summer! When you live in the Midwest you're never really sure that winter won't come back and bite you in the ass in the middle of May, so I try not to get too excited until I see the trees turning green.

With that in mind, everything that caught my attention shopping around this week was light and colorful, like newly springing leaves. I'm in a mood to throw out all of my black and grey clothes, but I'll hold off on that I guess. But there's nothing better than shopping for sun dresses and open-toed shoes when you can actually start wearing them!

These sassy and sweet Protagonist Heels from Modcloth are so perfect for spring dresses, don't you think? Damn you Modcloth and your cute shoes.

For those of you that like to match your shoes to your belt (guilty), here's another pretty number - Little Bit of Glitz Belt via Modcloth.

Asos is seriously one of my favorite places to shop for anything, even though it can take you 10 hours to find something. It's totally worth it. Like this gorgeous skirt.

I'm so into two pieces lately. They give you so much more versatility and are so adorable like this one from Lulu's!

I've wanted these Daisy in Aurelia Glasses from Warby Parker since they started advertising the new collection. They seem to never be in stock for at home try-on because they are freaking cute.

Well, I'm a sucker for jewelry and this Trellis Necklace from Stella & Dot is a perfect statement piece. Like over this muscle tee? Yaaaasss! Don't you sometimes wish you had an unlimited wardrobe budget. 

Lilac Rose Pillow design by Designers Guild
And just because I'm a sucker for throw pillows, here's a gorgeous floral pillow from Burke Decor!

Yellow Strapless Floral Flare Dress
Okay, so this floral dress from SheInside isn't exactly pastel, but look how cute!

This post contains some links to affiliate sites, but all the products are hand picked by me because they're adorable and I want them.

What are you shopping for this spring?

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