Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Design: Geometric and Modern

I am normally not a fan of modern or geometric architecture. I like my buildings classic and curvy with a rustic touch. However, this Spanish home made by architect Daniel Isern pulls so much from nature and blends so easily into the surrounding areas that I can't help but admire. The structure itself looks like stacked wood blocks, but it's made entirely out of concrete.
I think that's what really draws me into this space, the fact that its placement makes it seem like a massive rock wall coming out of the ground that was carved into a living space. I love when architects feed off of the surroundings like that. 

Each cube seems to hold a single room giving every room lots and lots of that Spanish light since one wall is always all windows. What I wouldn't give to have an entire wall of windows (facing a forest. I'm really bad at closing my blinds. BIG mistake in the city).

What do you think? One with nature or too modern?

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