Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Design: The Makers

I love studio tours. Seeing how creative people have crafted the space that they work in give me odd amounts of joy. I think mostly because it give me the opportunity to dream up what my ideal work space will look like one day. That's why I was so happy to discover The Makers. I really can't believe in all my internet hunting I didn't discover this site before, but it's sole purpose is to showcase (beautifully) the work spaces of creative people! There is so much studio envy happening in me right now.

These are just some examples of the different kinds of studio spaces you can find.  I particularly fell in love with this florists studio space I saw featured on 79 Ideas, which is also how I discovered the Maker Project. Of course, being a floral designer's space you would expect it to be gorgeous and it definitely does not disappoint. I want this to be my jeweler's studio, dry flowers on the wall included please. I mean, could you ever not be inspired with flowers all around all the time? 

I now have a new mission for decorating my walls. I think this could be DIYed with some dried flowers and nails, no?

And, of course, look at those walls! I am the biggest super for exposed brick and big windows. It's a kill combination for design in any space.

I love all the vintage and rustic vases stored around the space to use for quick floral styling.

Would you ever need a work space? What does your ideal space look like?

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