Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Design: Holy Skylights, Batman!

I've been kicking myself for not writing more lately and nothing keeps me motivated like a challenge, so thank you to everyone that's doubted me. This post is for you. Without further ado, I bring you this week's edition of Monday Design: Holy Skylights, Batman!

Let's talk about how much I love light for a little bit, shall we? I LOVE light. Like, a LOT. I lived in a basement for about 4 years, so nothing is more precious to me now than daylight. It's the main reason I have a tough time deciding to leave my current apartment because I have windows in every room and a skylight in the bathroom! Can I just tell you that going to pee with the morning sun filtering in through the ceiling is a magical experience. It's really brought on a new love of skylights, which is why this property caught my eye.

Usually, I'm drawn to decor photos because the interior design of a space is amazeballs, but the architecture of this home is really what I love. To be honest, the interior design is clean and modern and totally not my style. Nice, though. Also, it's a beach house just minutes away from the ocean. So, you know, take me to there.

Now, not only does this place have tons of windows and lots of light, but it also has an open floor plan that leads you straight into the great outdoors. Whoever purchased this house is one lucky SOB.

Oh, I also love window seating and everything about this house. Dammit.

THIS is the shot that sold me. Wide open space and look at the light coming in from the roof. Gorgeous!

This is what I was talking about. Look at how the light hits the toilet. Pooping is never more glamorous than with sunlight streaming through the skylight. Ok, yea. It helps to have a killer, enormous bathroom too.

Again, the interior design seems fitting for the space, but something about it feels a little cold. I would have cozied it up a bit. And by cozied up I mean filled it with crap because I'm a hoarder, of course.

So tell me: What's one thing you wish your living space had?

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