Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I Wore: The Holding Onto Summer Edition

Fall is here. Like really, officially here. Thankfully, it only feels that way in the mornings and evenings and the daytime is still sunny and relatively warm! Not that I want global warming to be happening, but if it is going to happen, I am okay with Chicago becoming a tropical destination. #justsayin

Until that happens, I'm going to take advantage of the warmer weather and keep wearing my lighter, summer pieces into fall. I find that sticking with the pieces that are longer, but still light are perfect for those days that go from 80 degrees to 65 degrees in a few short hours. This outfit in particular is one of my favorites because of the brightly colored skirt. Ain't nothing better for fixing a gloomy day or a gloomy mood than some bright colors. It's the little things, you know?

I am putting up the outfit details, but all of these items are pretty old or off a clearance rack because I have no money. You have been warned:

Shirt - H&M (forever ago)
Skirt - ASOS (last summer)
Wedges - Akira Chicago (last summer)

It's not a secret that I'm a midi skirt fiend. I don't have that many (maybe 6), but that's only because I use restraint when shopping not to buy every single one I see. Now, the question is why do I love midi skirts? This is one that baffles me as well, because, for the most part, I think they make me look totally frumpy. I buy one. I put it on. And I think "librarian". Well, ladies and gents, I think the only obvious answer here is that I enjoy looking like a librarian. Did I miss my one true calling?

Anyway, I do love midi skirts. Especially flowy ones, because there's nothing like a long flowing skirt on a dreary day to make you feel 1.) like a lady and 2.) like your skirt is not going to blow up over your ears. I know they're not for everyone. I can't even image how they make anyone shorter that 5'8" feel, but if you feel you can rock it then I totally recommend them!

I call this one WEEEEEEEEE! It's just fun, you know? I do this about 4 times a day when I put on this skirt.

Happy pre-fall everyone!

Are you trying to stretch out summer too or are you ready for sweater weather?

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