Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Interior Design: Living in a Library

How is it November already? I think I blinked and missed all of summer this year. It's strange how much faster time flies the older you get. With every immaculately designed house I find, I think about the bits and pieces I'd like to incorporate into my own home one day and with every day that goes by, that becomes more of a reality. How weird is that? To think that one day I could own a living space that's not the size of a shoebox is crazy. 

Anyway, the point of all that babble was this home design. Ever since I was little and I saw my first high shelves with a rolling ladder, I decided that one day I was going to have the same thing in my house. Mostly because it reminded me of that magical library in Beauty in the Beast and that's what every little girl who reads wants to see (amirite?). The dream has not died for me and when I saw this home design it screamed my name.
Of course, there are high shelves and rolling ladders throughout this house because it was a public library in another life! I think I would still love the design in this home without knowing that, but I have to admit that knowing it used to be a library makes the book nerd in me very happy. Besides, there also seem to be books tucked into every room. 

I love the way the kitchen bleeds into the living room, making the space open and inviting.

OMG this chair is like something out of a Tim Burton movie. Where do I get one? I need it NOW.

Doesn't the fireplace surrounded by wood and these mid-century inspired chairs just scream cozy?

That's it folks! This house is a perfect combination of elegance and rustic charm. I would steal the rolling ladders and the layout immediately! Even though it's not a mansion, the house feels enormous because of that shared open space. I could read while someone cooked me dinner in there, no problem ;)

Is there anything in this home that'd you would love to teleport into your dream home?

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