Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bright and Cheerful Interior Style in a Small Space

What happens when a graphic designer and an animator combine? Adorableness, that's what. And a home full of fun, kitsch, and color. Matt and Mel's little home in Fairfax, Virginia is exactly where you would imagine an adorable hipster couple living. Don't you think?

This adorable, colorful space is obviously home to creative people, because it exudes a creative atmosphere. There's no dullness and the walls are covered in art (probably created by the owners themselves).  This is the kind of space that creative thrive in. It almost reminds me of the offices of tech companies. White walls are endlessly uninspiring - that is, unless you're an interior designer. :)

Fun, friendly, and organized with just a touch of vintage? This is a perfect way to design an inviting small space!

Found on Apartment Therapy

Sound off! Do you love this space too or is it missing something?

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