Thursday, February 13, 2014

What I Wore: The Winter Brights Edition

It's snowing as I write this, so I feel confident in saying that winter is not going anywhere any time soon. And I am SICK of it! Winter has taken my closet hostage and I want my damn shoes back most of all! In Chicago, temps have not gotten above 30 degrees in a few weeks, with all of last week hovering around the 10s. As you can understand, that means snow boots and ALL OF THE LAYERS! That doesn't mean I haven't been trying, but it does mean that when I try it stays covered by sweaters and jackets. Even this shoot was challenging.

To break free from my back-to-black wardrobe, I wanted to start adding colors back to winter and knew this purse was the perfect fit! 

When everything is grey and black, it's so important to tie in those pops of color. You know, to keep your sanity. So a brightly colored bag and a neon head wrap can make such a huge difference. Not to mention you'll be a standout in a sea of blah! This outfit is a total departure from what I've been wearing (which has been tights, leggings, a skirt, a shirt, a sweater, and another sweater - no joke) and it felt good to be in something that didn't make me feel like a bag lady again! It's really the right details that can make winter work for you.

Outfit Details:
Bright bag - Target (it is no where as orange as it looks on the site)
Aztec Dress - Local boutique
Fur Vest - Urban Outfitters long time ago (also found here and here)

Honestly, when it comes to winter wear, I've get everything down but the leg coverings. I just invested in a collection of fleece lined leggings, but you still need to wear tights under those to be warm in the tundra. I have realized through this particularly cold one the few things any fashion-savvy girl needs to survive:
  • Tights and leggings. LOTS of them. Preferably a whole drawer full.
  • Wool socks. In all patterns and colors.
  • A couple pairs of water proof boots. 
  • A great collection of sweaters.
  • Knit skirts.
  • A collection of bulky scarves, hats, and gloves. You can never have too many! 

And in case you're wondering, no, it was not warm. Yes, I was freezing. Yes, we blasted through this shoot and had tea afterwards because we're nuts.

 I have to give a big shout out here to by friend Jessica who knit the head wrap I'm wearing and took the photos for this shoot. She's a super talented designer and I was the head for her Etsy shop. She's got so many piece up right now that are perfect to add that burst of color to your winter! Let's be honest, you'll still get plenty of wear out of them. A couple other of my favorites are below but check out her shop and get some new knit goodies! I've also got my eye on a hat, because your ears are the first thing to go in a deep freeze...followed closely by your nose.

How are you surviving this winter?


  1. Awesome post!! Cool pics :) and nice outfit
    your blog it's awesome <3


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