Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Design: Outdoor Dining Decor

It's summer! Well, mostly. I wish it was a little warmer most of the time, but it's still sunny and warm enough to hang out on my brand new back deck. With a brand new deck come brand new fantasies of decorating an outdoor party space! Even though I am a terrible host and mostly just like hanging out alone, doesn't mean I can't dream of a perfect outdoor hang out that people would love to chill in - if I would ever invite people over.

Anyway, in preparation for summer fun, I've pulled some inspiration for outdoor decor.
Of course, I have a little back deck with views of the tops of houses and some trees, not gorgeous greenery and expansive landscapes. However, I think you can transplant the decor and furniture of any of these set ups to make a beautiful outdoor space.

Since I can't just steal the pieces from these photos that I like (darn), I'm trying to pull inspiration for my own space. It seems like the answers are in the details. All of these outdoor dining spaces have a few things in common and they are color and intricate details. 

I guess to pull design inspiration from the outdoors, your dining space has to either stand alone (like above) or pull shapes and colors from around it (like below).  

I would definitely throw some outdoor dinner parties with this pretty wood patio set. 

Do you have an outdoor space to decorate? How would you do it? 

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