Monday, June 2, 2014

Interior Design: Watercolor Walls

Phew, let me tell you something about moving. It is the worst. Moving sucks. Dragging moving out over the course of two weeks, sucks even more. BUT, I'm finally here. I've done it. I've moved! There are still a million boxes to unpack and a ton of things to do before this new place feels like home, but it's getting there. One long, busy day at a time. Anyway, getting settled also means getting back to blogging! (My favorite, obviously.) 

With all of the planning I was trying to do for the new place, I found a bunch of interior design inspiration and a few things that I had never seen before, like watercolor walls! Yep, can you believe it? My first thought was "How do I do this? What kind of paint do I need?" and then I quickly realized that this technique was a little something called wallpaper. Which, whatever, I probably would have royally screwed up a wall trying to watercolor paint it. The wallpaper is probably the smarter choice. Either way, these walls are awesome, inspiring, and add color and movement to a room like you've never seen.

Are you mesmerized like I am? I love the ombre look too (which is a design element that a lot of people have done in the last few years), but I think my favorites are the ones that look like ink in water. The watercolor walls give even rooms with minimal furniture a feel of fullness and movement. Job well done, wallpaper creators! Now the hard part is convincing my roommate that we absolutely need to get watercolor wallpaper in the living room. It's necessary.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

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