Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Interior Design: Country Livin'

I think I'm obsessed with Country Living magazine, which is hilarious because I used to make fun of my mom for buying it all the time. I would think "psh, who wants to live in the country anyway?" The answer is, apparently, a lot of people. But that's besides the point, Country Living isn't just about living in the country, like I so foolishly once thought. They have a massive collection of adorable cottages and farm-house style homes that anyone would be jealous of - this born and bred city girl included. Anyway, I bring this up because I feel like I've been sharing a lot of homes from there lately and I thought I needed to explain myself. So there you go. Now on to the good stuff.

This sprawling country retreat in Kentucky reminds me of country cottages in the south of France and if I can find a place to stay that reminds me of Provence without the 8 hour flight, I'm a happy girl.

Eddie Woods and Willy Brown have really created something spectacular on this Kentucky farmland. After a fire burned most of the original farmhouse that stood on the land, Woods and his partner spent a lot of time and energy turning it into a beautiful getaway for themselves and for friends. Handmade, rustic, and full of kitsch - it's obviously everything I wish I could create out of thin air. However, the part the charms me the most about this adorable abode is the massive amount of collecting it took to pull this off. They built a glass guest house on the property from old windows and doors. Windows and doors. Guest house. Can you even imagine?

I just love the fact that Woods and Brown created this space to be shared and, with that in mind, wanted every room to feel open and comfortable - not like a stuffy inn.

Seriously? These two must be interior designers. You don't just pull this off. Right?

I absolutely adore clever storage, having lived in tiny space most my life, but this is just too cute! The color and shape make the hidden stair storage look ancient, but it was just put in. They're almost like hobbit stairs, aren't they?

Get ready to really get your pants charmed off. Not only is this space gorgeous inside, the duo took the time to create an equally as lavish outdoor space. Yep, you're not only sitting inside of a fairytale glass cottage, you're also surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of rolling, green grass and hundreds of flowers.

How perfectly gorgeous would this be to wake up to?

Definitely take some time to read through the original article. It's interesting. My biggest take-away? The Home Goods in Kentucky must be fabulous

What's your favorite part from this getaway?

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