Monday, August 11, 2014

Interior Design: Eclectic Design and Kitschy Details

There's a delicate balance between cluttered crap and eclectic design and I am definitely good at always crossing over to the crap side of it. When trying to decorate with kitschy or eclectic details, I always end up in the "more is more" camp, which can look cluttered and junky when not done right. And my spaces always look cluttered and junky. This space, on the other hand, has it totally figured out. The overall design is minimal, but the house as a whole incorporates all the fun details you'd want in a home. How do they do it?

There's a little bit of vintage, a little bit of modern, a little bit of rustic, and, basically, a little bit of everything in this space, which is what led me to call it eclectic interior design.  It really is a mish-mash of styles and designs, yet everything works together so perfectly.

Some rooms even seem so serious and modern and then you notice the fake deer. It's awesome. I would love to live here.

Originally found on Desire to Inspire!

What do you think? Too many elements or just right?

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  1. I've thought about buying "fake beams" to glue up onto my ceiling.


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