Thursday, April 30, 2015

What I Wore: Sheer Vintage Dresses Edition

Oh some days it feels like spring will never come. We'll get one nice day accompanied by three chilly ones. I'm starting to give up hope here. But, it just means that I try to take advantage of the nice days when we have them, like this past weekend. It was the perfect day to test drive this little vintage number. This lilac vintage dress is one of my favorite finds, but it's super sheer so it really only works on warm days. But when it does work, oh it works.

Outfit Details:
Frye Suede and Leather Cowgirl Boots - eBay
Light Blue Satchel Handbag - Kate Spade New York
Pink Waist Belt - Target (they have the best selection of simple colors!)

Please excuse the roots. I know they are outta control. 

Aside from making me feel like I'm in a T.J. Maxx commercial, this dress is so light and airy and day-date perfect. I found it some years back at a garage sale and always go back and forth on whether I should keep it or not (after looking at these pictures, I just might!). It's in great vintage condition with a little wear on the elastic, which happens over time even if the dress was not worn a lot. This vintage dress was obviously loved and taken care of because the fabric, although sheer, is not threadbare, meaning that it's still got a long life ahead of it! The pleats are still perfect and there are no seam issues. In short, it's pretty damn near perfect for a sheer vintage find!

Sheer items and delicate items are really hard to find in goof vintage condition because they tear easily. So when you're out hunting, be on the watch! I always pick up sheer and delicate vintage items in good condition whether I want them or not because you never know when a happy home for it will show up. Also, I'm kinda a nut-so hoarder so, you know, there's that. 

Okay, also, I caved and added a Kate Spade bag to my collection. They were having a 75% off sale sale it is! Except, it's the fanciest purse I've ever owned so it pretty much just sits in a purse bag in the closet and never sees the light of day. I don't think I've even put anything inside it yet. BUT, it's also been winter, so I plan on using it a little more in spring. It's really an amazing piece of craftsmanship. And it makes me feel pretty and fancy, so judge away! I don't care.

One last quick word about my boots. I was on the hunt for a pair of gently used, basic Frye boots for a LONG time. Like...a long time. Then I found these cowgirl boots. They were totally not what I was hunting for, but I am a sucker for cowgirl boots and they're Frye, so they'll basically last forever. There are some amazing things you can find on eBay. (I'm new to eBay by the way, don't judge me. I just always thought it was all cheap crap from China. Which it is, mostly.)

That's all folks! Thanks for reading today :)

What's your favorite thing to hunt for when shopping vintage?

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