Wednesday, January 15, 2014

60s Chic in Warby Parker's Palm Canyon Collection

Like all style conscious girls, I love a good pair of specs. There's nothing worse than not feeling like putting your contacts, but having no other choice. So I make sure I have choices, lots of them. Thanks to the Internet, the perfect pair of frames doesn't have to set you back $600 at the eye doctor. Sites like Warby Parker have made it so easy to have a collection of frames instead of one pair that you have to wear until they break (we be-speckled ladies have all been there). BUT because it's so easy, I'm also constantly shopping new frames and the one set I haven't been able to find is the perfect brown/neutral pair. The time has come, my friends!

Today, Warby Parker released their Palm Canyon collection – a retro-luxe assortment of frames that will pull you right into your favorite episode of Mad Men. The pallet of browns, blacks, and tans make each pair the perfect neutral addition to your collection, but I am especially in love with the Duckworth in painted desert pictured above. Sophisticated, no?  I totally believe that you need a set – a neutral pair, a solid black, a bright and bold pair, and a fun pair that makes you feel great – and this pair would complete my set! 

Of course, their new Palm Canyon collection features a whole new color spectrum for some of their classic styles in both eyeglasses and sunglasses (that winter sun can be brutal)! Check out some of the updated frames:

Full Disclosure: I do not work for Warby Parker and I did not get any money to write this post, but they did ask me to spread the word. I agreed because I love the brand and I adore the new collection. As you guys know, I'm a total sucker for anything reminiscent of mid-century style and that retro feel. These frames pull that all together and I'm definitely going to have to try on a pair. When I get my pick, expect an outfit post!

Which new color set is your favorite? 

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