Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dark Interiors: Macabre Charm in Grey Walls

I have to admit, I have a dark streak in me. On occasion, I'm drawn like a moth to the macabre - explaining my love of all things skull-printed. As obsessed as I currently am with any interior that has white walls with touches of wood, this shadowy shoot by photographer Tommaso Sartori really grabbed my attention.

Although, I'm always a fan of a dark wall as an accent or decorated with bright colored furniture, I haven't seen too many dark interiors that I loved throughout a space. I'm a big fan of light and dark walls will always dull even the brightest sun, but something about the commitment to black and white - the very minimal use of color - in this apartment makes it really serene and beautiful.

(Also, we're in the depths of a Polar Vortex in Chicago and the lack of sun is really messing with my mood. I mean really. That might have something to do with it too.)

I'm sure a good chuck of that beauty is thanks to the photographer, but there's something to be said for taking an Adam's family apartment and capturing the quiet beauty of it.

I'm really drawn to the all grey details too - something I don't often see with dark walled rooms. The black molding, door, and furnace are a really bold move and show that this family was not afraid to showcase some serious style.

I love the white tile in this room. It was obviously meant for something else or made to look like it was meant for a different purpose. Kinda reminds me of an old sanitarium, but 100% less creepy.

What do you think? Dark and chic or needs more color?


  1. Its very pretty and calming, I prefer my gray with a little pink tint. Our living room, hallway, dining room is a very soft grey pink. The accents to go with it are teal, copper, bronze, burgundy, oxidized copper, some brighter pink and pale blue and purple. Gotta go with your own color inspirations!!!

    1. Sounds really pretty! I used to have light grey walls with yellow accents but I opted for the all white now and I'm missing the colors. Totally agree with going with your own inspirations though!


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