Monday, January 6, 2014

Interior Design: Industrial Chic Shopping

I was browsing around the Internetz, as usual, real estate stalking like I normally do when a Google ad caught my eye (damn you, Google ads!). Now, I'm a sucker for those membership discount sites just like anyone else, but they are usually a hodge podge of items. You get up to 80% off on anything you can think of (I just bought a set of fleece leggings on one of those). I've never found one more tailored to me than Dot & Bo.

 If you've heard of Dot & Bo and haven't told me about it, shame on you! This store carried everything my dream home should have inside. The site seems to run like all your usual membership discount sites (membership is free by the way), but I just love what they carry. I got sucked into their industrial chic collection, but they also have collections by colors and eras. The mid-century modern collection is definitely worth checking out. The site isn't like Fab. or other similar sites though, they're not individual sellers with a time limit. It's just great furniture and home goods at a heavily discounted price. Sweet or what?

Check out some of the favorites I picked out:

Obviously, I'm a sucker for anything rustic using reclaimed wood and metal and all of these pieces fit that perfectly. If only I had all the money in the world to decorate one perfect room. Now, I'm not saying the items for sale on this site are cheap - some things are and some things aren't - but it is a great place to go browse around if you've been searching for that perfect piece to finish off a room. Or if you just want to, you know, window shop a bit. There's nothing wrong with that right?


  1. Great site =)
    definitely will spend some time over there. dreaming and searching for inspiration!


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