Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Interior Design: A Wonderland Loft in Los Angeles

Talk about eclectic and colorful. This loft in Los Angeles definitely collects it's charm from the well-curated, hodge podge of pictures, statuettes, patterns, and colors that adorn its interiors. The combination of blues and greens with the abundance of objects inspired by nature make it feel like you're exploring some kind mystical, rabbit-hole forest where anything can happen.

When you explore the photos, you see that the loft space itself is actually pretty small. The open floor plan and the beautifully selected furniture all play together to make the space feel huge. Every element of the home design works so perfectly together. From the furniture to the art work, everything in the interior design has been pulled to fit the mood of a deep, dense, rich, forest - who wouldn't want to live in that? I wish that I could pull off the dark walls and dark decor look in my apartment too. I guess when you live in a place that's sunny most of the year, it's easier to pull off. 

I thought that my obsession with nick nacks was a bad thing, but I now have a new reason to keep collecting. The inspiration lesson from this artfully designed home is to make sure all the pieces you collect share a common theme. Lesson learned. I'll need to re-think my living room design plan.

How fun are those giraffe statues? I would have never thought to incorporate some of these outdoor type statues indoors, but if you want to bring a secret garden in, that is definitely one way to do it.

I love that this home design incorporate vintage and retro elements with new pieces, but everything feels like it's from the same era. Gorgeous!

What a fun way to decorate an odd, empty corner of a room!

This is my favorite part of the lost and an ingenious way to create a garden space when you don't have a backyard. All my life I've wanted an outdoor greenhouse, but who needs one when you can just turn a room with a lot of windows into the same thing? Brilliant. 

Read what the owner has to say about his magical space on Apartment Therapy.

What do you think: too much stuff or perfect to explore? 

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