Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rustic, Country-Chic Cottage

My love of rustic, country style is not a secret. I am not ashamed - not anymore anyway. I blame my mother and her love of the outdoors paired with her love of Country Living magazine for my love of Country Living magazine. I remember growing up and thumbing through it's pages in the small cabin home we have in Wisconsin that my mom decorated with the most well-edited collection of thrift store finds. Now I find myself flipping through slideshows of perfectly placed milk jugs and reclaimed wood walls on their website. Damn you Country Living, you make living in the country see so much more glamorous to a city girl.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. I stumbled across this cottage revival on the website and had to share because it caught my eye with all the things I love - reclaimed wood, teal, vintage charm.

This two-bedroom Gothic Victorian is the stuff of my dreams. You can see the love that went into keeping some of the original elements of the home, while still being able put in personal touches.

Okay, this is obviously staged, but if my china cabinet (if I had a china cabinet) looked like this all the time I would be one happy girl. Seriously, who has dishes like this?

The owner, Cathy Collins, bought the home fully furnished - keeping pieces she saw had potential and scrapping the rest. You can see in the pictures that a lot of the furniture was very Victorian in feel to match the home. Collins has easily turned this theme on it's head and turned something that could have ended up very stuffy into something light, airy, and modern.

The teal in this wall kills me. Perfect for a country cottage or beach home - gorgeous!

Can't you just imaging snuggling up with a good book and an iced tea on a hot summer evening?

Check out all the details for this gorgeous space on Country Living.

Do you like the details in this space or did they make it too modern?

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