Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Interior Design: Mountain Views

Every day I feel more and more like this born and raised city girl needs to simplify. Cut back and slow down, you know? Which is something my 15 year-old self would be shocked to hear. I never thought I'd want to move out of this city - with all of its art, architecture, culture, and events. As an adult though, all of that also comes with high rent prices, fast-paced jobs, and over-working yourself for little pay. I guess I've just gotten to the point where I'd like to slow down and smell the roses, before my sense of smell is gone.

That's why, lately, I've been more and more attracted to these gorgeous country cabins set somewhere far away and remote. Usually, this is somewhere in Wyoming (because I'm currently obsessed with Wyoming), but this rustic Idaho cabin, set almost at the base of a beautiful mountain range, definitely stole my heart.

Obviously, if you live somewhere surrounded by mountains, your home needs to have great views. And this family did just that considering that two whole walls are basically windows. That's right, you'll be waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rise over the mountains (if that's the direction the sun rises from, maybe not). 

It's a smaller space, especially with a family of 4 (or 6 if you count the dogs), but you have to imagine that they spend most of the time outdoors anyway. 

I love the commitment to the House on the Prairie lifestyle here. There aren't really any bells and whistles. Inside, you have everything you need and not more. Even the color palette stays perfectly neutral. Not only is, literally, the entire house made of wood, but earth tones also abound in the furniture and decor. Not that that's a bad thing. After seeing the massive leather couches that face the windows, I can't really imagine any other piece of furniture being a better fit. Of course, I am forever drawn to rustic decor anyway and this definitely fits the bill. 

Wouldn't this be the perfect way to unwind after a long day? Is it completely wrong to have a life goal of being a stay-at-home wife somewhere with mountain views and time to craft? Although, having never lived anywhere rural, I'm sure there are plenty of downsides I'm not seeing.

Are you a city or a country type of person?


  1. I'm going through the exact same debate in my head. Lifelong city girl...but for some reason I want to go off the grid and live in the middle of nowhere. I keep trying to convince myself I can make a sudden life change right?

    Your blog is great! I love all your pictures and outfit ideas! Very cute.

    1. I feel like the answer to that is yes, right? Sudden life changes are good for you! I'll definitely support your move if you support mine.

      And thank you so much! I love the feedback :)


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