Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Interior Design: Mint Green Kitchens

Newest update in my new apartment adventures: I now have mint green walls in my kitchen! Two walls to be exact. We left the rest of the kitchen white. In a fit of paint whimsy, I bought a whole gallon of mint green paint because I was really excited about the color, without having a plan for it. (I'm the worst) So it went in the kitchen. While I was extremely excited about it during the painting process, I started second guessing myself afterwards (naturally) and hating it inwardly for being too bright (naturally). So what does anyone do when worried about their design choices? Turn to Pinterest, naturally! I immediately turned to Pinterest to confirm that my design choice was, in fact, not insane and that we could absolutely pull off a mint green kitchen with dark wood accents and black floors (Pictures to come soon, I promise. It was already dark when we had finished painting.) - and Pinterest did alleviate all my design woes.

I'm still not 100% confident that I will be able to pull it off when moving in time comes, but now I have a starting point for inspiration. The one downside is that I really, really wanted to pull the whole house into one color scheme so that everything flowed together. HOWEVER, I'm starting to really fall in love with how the mint walls look with red accents. Good thing for me, my man-friend was really pushing for red to be in the scheme. I'll just act like it's a compromise and I'm throwing him a bone (I really hope he doesn't read this thing). Anyway, I'll see what works. In the meantime, take a look at all of these lovely mint green kitchen designs and try not to drool with jealousy over their design prowess. 

Moral of the story? As long as I keep everything else in the kitchen/breakfast nook area in the neutral sphere, I should be okay. Right? 

If you had mint green walls in the kitchen or anywhere, how would you decorate? 

Looking for more inspiration? Try my Pinterest account. Oh, I'll be pinning all day long until my apartment is done. You've been warned. 

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