Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I Wore: White Summer Dress Edition

A few weeks ago I talked about my love of summer whites, especially when you've got that sun-kissed summer glow going on. Something about that summer heat just screams a need for bright whites and bright colors, which was definitely the inspiration for today's outfit.

White in the summer is the easiest thing to style in the world, because, for the most part, you let the accessories add the interest and let the white speak for itself. It's, literally, a blank canvas for your accessories and I am an accessory junkie, so it's no wonder that I wait all year round to bust out the white dresses again. In the sweltering heat of summer, there's nothing that feels cleaner than a fresh, white dress or t-shirt. I mean there is just something swoon-worthy about a guy in blue jeans and a white tee — am I right?
 Outfit Details:
ASOS Short Sleeve Swing Dress - they unfortunately don't have the white anymore
Ankle Strap Heels - H&M (now on sale!)
Chunky Necklace - Local boutique (similar style necklaces)
Beaded Clutch - Local boutique (similar style clutch

Anyway, for this one, I picked out some of my brightest accessories and wanted to make the clutch the focal point of the outfit so I kept the other accessories solid, but still bright. Looking back, I think I could have added a little more color, but overall I loved being about to show off the shoes and the clutch because, you know, I'm a show off. Or something. I think this combination of style would work for a day date or a night out, but white just works for everything, doesn't it?

 Jewelry Details:

I am a big jewelry fan, obviously that stems from my accessory addiction. My jewelry collection is very extensive. I probably own hundreds of rings. I don't know and I'd rather not count because I think it would be shaming to me. But, I do love a good find, so I wanted to take a minute to talk about Dixi. I'm pretty much in love with everything they carry and have been for a while, but I got my first shipment in from them about a month ago and I think I wear these pieces pretty much every other day. They are definitely worth checking out. A note though: they are based out of the UK so the sizing is European and the rings are tiny. I almost thought they wouldn't fit. Unfortunately, the only really carry two sizes for rings right now, so if something sounds small, it probably is. The knuckle rings fit perfectly, but I'll probably stick with bracelets and necklaces from now on. 

What are your favorite details to pair with a white outfit?

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