Wednesday, July 2, 2014

White Hot Summer Outfit Ideas

Summer fashion trends come and go. Neons, florals, boho — we see it all on a rotating schedule. Even though I'm always in love with new summer trends, there's one that I'm always really excited to jump back into and that's white. It's called a white, hot summer for a reason! There's just something so essentially summer about tan skin, white dresses, and bright details.

It's like an obsession of mine. I used to have a large collection of white dresses, specifically, just because of summer. I've grown most of my white dress collection, sadly. Of course, I'm taking that as an opportunity to clear out some old items and update my wardrobe. Before I go spend crazy shopping summer sales, I thought I'd pull together some inspiration. I have never been that good at dressing myself without looking for ideas first.

So, I think the verdict is clear: I need more white dresses (lots more) and a sleek pair of white pants! Looks like I better start shopping.

What's your favorite summer trend?

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