Monday, April 13, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from UncommonGoods

I don't think I've talked about UncommonGoods on here before, which is odd because I love suggesting it as a destination to anyone who asks me for gift giving advice. The site was actually recommended to me when I was in a bind trying to find a quick Christmas gift for someone I didn't actually know too well. Needless to say, I found something that was perfect and have been a fan of the site every since. So, when they approached me to do a little review of their Mother's Day Gift collection, of course I agreed!

The thing that I love about shopping on UncommonGoods is that their collections are always so well curated. It's not just a collection of generic "mom" gifts. It's a spot on collection for moms that have several interests - their collections work like this for everyone. Of course, it was super easy for me to find something from the list for my mom because she loves to garden and she loves tea and the gifts for mom collection has a ton of cute selections for just that. Or if your mom loves family vacations or jewelry or cooking, they definitely have something for her too. 

It was a tough decision, but I finally settled on the Gardener's Tool Seat because it's perfect timing and my momma has a green thumb (that I did not inherit) and a pretty Birth Month Flower Necklace because she loves necklaces and it seemed to fit the theme. (There are also birth month earrings if your mom is more into that! I'm buying myself a pair, because duh.)

If you browsed through and still need another reason to be convinced that this company is awesome, then you should know that they consistently source from artists and designer and 1/2 of what they sell is handmade and 1/3 uses upcycled or recycled materials. As someone who likes to create and sell my own jewelry too, you gotta step back and respect companies that are committed to artisans. 

Again, even though they approached me to write up this post, I had to agree because I already recommend UncommonGoods to all my friends. So why wouldn't i recommend it to the Internet? My thoughts here are 100% true. 

Have fun shopping! Here's the real challenge: don't buy anything for yourself. Good luck. I always fail at that part.

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