Monday, October 24, 2011

Spook-tacular Halloween Ideas.

Or are they? Probably not, but I think they're funny.

So last night my boyfriend and our best friend spent a good portion of the evening looking up Halloween costume ideas because I snoozed this year and didn't give myself enough time to make the costume that I really wanted (a lion, yes a lion, not a lioness).

Instead of being the lion I wanted to be, I'm sort of forced to repeat a costume from a few years ago and be Dark Phoenix from the X-Men:

I, of course, will not be nearly this ripped, but that's a different story. It's a fun costume and most of the people that I will be celebrating with will have never seen it, but I know it's a repeat and it's bugging me. So I got to brainstorming. My boyfriend told me I should go as Daria, but I'm not a huge fan of the idea and I'd have to find a green jacket last minute. I would love to try and pull off Joan from Madmen, but I don't know if I can handle walking around with two cantaloupes under my dress all night. How would you strap those puppies in anyway? Also, my hair is not quite the right color.

So now, I'm stuck. Should I just repeat the costume? Oh, there's only one picture of it on Facebook too (yes I am that shallow).

I still really wish I had started my lion costume, but I guess there's always next year. And yes, I want a main, so it would probably be similar to this one:

I really don't understand the naughty lion thing.

On a different note, I told my skinny blond friend he should put some gauze on his ear, grow out his beard, put on a blazer and go as Van Gogh. No? I thought it was clever. He says no one would get it, but you would get it right? Right?

Alright, enough of my babble. What are you going to be for Halloween? 

I'm going to be a flapper. Yup, totally out of the blue. Pictures to come.

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