Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Musings on Skull Fashion

Happy Halloween!

It's finally here! My favorite holiday. I'm sure you've already done all your celebrating over the weekend, but here at my office we're having a little Halloween costume contest and munching on candy still. So in the spirit of Halloween I decided to do a little post about one of my favorite Halloween themes and fashion motifs: skulls! Yup, you can be scary and trendy at the same time! Bet you didn't realize that.

Here are some cool fashion pieces I found, mind you, some of them are a few years old, but still fun on a day like today!

I love these shots, so elegant and yet mad scientist at the same time.

via pichaus

via Daily Dose of Lies
 Of course this post would not be complete without these Alexander McQueen clutches, or without Alexander McQueen period, but I've seen about a million DIY's for this clutch so here it is.

via Corridor 40
I love the idea of these more than I love the shoes themselves, but there's gotta be a better version of these out there somewhere. If you find them, tell me. I will most likely own a similar pair before I die.

Now if you don't have a thousand dollars to spend on a clutch. Another great source of some really awesome and original pieces is Etsy! Some of my skull accessories:

via BevaStyles
via Winterberry Jewelry

via Mood Raven Designs

via MichelleChangJewelry

Well, now that I've sufficiently terrified all of you, I can call it a day. Hope you all have a great Halloween and eat enough candy to make your teeth fall out!

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