Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have You Heard? Jason Wu for Target!

If you haven't heard already then you're probably living under a rock or under water or some other place without Internet access, because the news that my favorite designer is coming up with a collection for Target has been everywhere. I CANNOT be more excited that Jason Wu created an in-my-price-range collection for Target!! You better believe that on February 5th I will be waiting for the doors to open so I can snag some affordable Jason Wu pieces. I'm hoping I'll be one of the few crazy people waiting for the doors to open so I don't have to elbow anyone out of my way, but I am ready to throw bows if I have to. You have been warned.

Why I adore Jason Wu: his style is sophisticated and feminine with touches of clean, classic masculine lines. Everything of his I've seen plays with classic styles and structured shapes, but it's always fun and fresh at the same time. In short, it's perfect. So enough gushing, let's look at some items in the collection!

So what do you say? Have I enticed you to join me bright and early on February 5th? You are more than welcome to as long as we are not the same size ;)


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