Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Design: Clean and Eclectic

Today via my favorite interior design blog, Desire to Inspire, I found an amazing photography duo in Amelia and Andreas Lönngren Widell. They have an impressive photography portfolio, but of course I gravitated towards their photos of interiors and I have to say that our tastes match up exactly if these two chose all these locations. Any of these interiors could have easily been pulled from my dreams. In case you haven't noticed yet, my dream home would consist of clean and modern furniture with rustic touches. I love that this first interior shoot does just that. The walls are simple and white and the furniture is pretty basic, but the collection of stuff, for lack of a better term, makes it feel perfectly home-y.

This living room is simple, clean, and eclectic.  I love it!

I love the steel greys in this living room with the pops of color in the pillow on the couch, but I have to admit that I included this photo because there is an adorable puppy in it!
Loving everything about this living room from he vintage crate coffee table to the old fire stove in the corner just reaffirms my belief that I secretly want to be a cowgirl.
There is something mysterious about this lone-standing chair. No? Just me?

What design elements live in your dream space?


  1. Love these spaces! Such awesome color combinations! Great post! Would love it if you could check out my latest post and tell me what you think. Follow me, I follow you?!


    1. I just stopped by, super cute blog! I definitely am following on bloglovin!

  2. I would love for any of these rooms to be in my house. They're so beautiful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Oh I'd seen the first set! Stunning how light and fresh it all seems isn't t?! Very talented indeed

    1. Extremely! All of the work this couple does is fantastic.


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