Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Design: Create Your Own Futuristic Office Space

Now, I love all things vintage and I know this is a brand-spanking-new design, BUT you can't tell me this desk table design by Turkish design firm NĂ¼vist does not make you think of all those examples from the 60s of what the "future" would look like. Don't get me wrong, the design itself is fantastic. I love the organic shape and fluid feel. I imagine a viscous liquid that froze mid-pour. It would be an amazing focal piece in an otherwise sterile office space. All images via FreshHome.

But looking at the Volna table I still think it would fit in perfectly with the aesthetic in this 1960s depiction of a home from the future. Can you see it too or am I just a nut? Check out this artist's conception of a future home, would this organic desk fit right in? I can see the Brady Bunch going to see an exhibit on the "future" and seeing this desk.

It's probably just me, either way the Volna desk is a futuristic, space-age dream.

Fun fact: I just asked the roommate if he thinks this desk is cool and he looked at me like I'm crazy.  Am I the only one that thinks this is awesome? Ok, the desk in no way fits into the rustic-chic aesthetic that I usually go for, but if I were to design a modern office for perhaps a publishing company or advertising I would give these to the receptionist.

So tell me what you think about the Volna desk, awesome, interesting, or just plain weird?


  1. i think it is a fun desk all in all

  2. Having been lost in a research vortex for the last three hours I am full of admiration for the designer of these desks, I think these would work in the kitchen as an island too - beautiful. Sugee


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