Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Design: Gilded Accents

I have to admit, I laid around watching the Golden Globes last night and in all the glitz, glamor, and sparkly ball gowns I had to write a little gold inspiration post. The Golden Globe stage kind of looked like Superman's iced fortress of solitude, but there were these pretty little gold accents wrapped around some tall clear Lucite poles. That got me thinking about glided accents in design.

Adding in gold accents in home decor is a fantastic way to instantly give a room a more regal feel, but it can of course be over-done. Adding gold touches in perhaps a mirror or the arms and legs of an armchair can really make you feel like you're living in a queen's living room, even if the rest of the house is more shabby chic than elegantly royal. Making everything in the room gold toned can instantly turn your living room into the lobby of a hotel in Las Vegas. Unless you enjoy feeling like you live in a casino, I suggest going for the more subtle touches. Not sure what I mean? Keep scrolling, I found some perfect examples that make me want to grab my can of gold spray paint and start redecorating!

I love the gold legs on these little stools. The velvet makes them look especially regal.
I'd love to wake up in this bed every morning. Wouldn't you? Especially if there was always breakfast in bed involved.

Ok, honesty time, it makes me a little uncomfortable to have a giant mirror right over the bath tub, but the giant gold frame adds a gorgeous touch of elegance to an otherwise very simply decorated bathroom.


I just realized that all of these pictures are of gold and white home accents. Apparently that's what I think looks best.


I just love this gold and cream chair. It's location in the bathroom? Not so much.


I wonder if gold fabric paint would work to turn this chair into a DIY?
This is more gold toned than anything else, but there are some pretty gilded accents on the doors. Something about this room makes me want to classify it as modern Egyptian. Just me?
Do you have any gold accents in your home?

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