Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Design: Aix-En-Provence

I, like many other students I know of, studied abroad in France my last year in college and, like I'm sure many people would tell you, it was a magical, life-changing experience. So much so that I'm constantly plotting ways of getting back there. Every once in a while when I miss it too much I like to do some house hunting just for fun. Well, among all of the castels that are for sale in France, there are some gorgeous 10 million dollar homes. That'll probably never be a place I will be in life, but it's fun to pretend isn't it? I found this gorgeous home in the city that I studied in, Aix-En-Provence, which is a little college town in the south of France that's got all the Mediterranean charm you can imagine. Now who wants to loan me 10 mill? I swear, you can stay on the couch whenever you want ;)

 Where's your dream future home?

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