Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Design: Handsome English Interiors

Hey all, today's Monday design is a little different as it's a guest post from Joanna of Arcadian Lighting. They were super nice to reach out to me about writing a guest post about English style interiors and I happily agreed! I mean, you want to do my work for me? Who am I to say no? I like the examples she picked out and I hope you guys do too!

Hello, I'm Joanna. I write guest posts for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful source of lighting fixtures for all styles of decor. I am so fortunate to share my love of interior design with Stranger Than Vintage readers! In particular, I have an affinity for European decor, similar to the designs below. I hope you enjoy this post, which features handsome English style spaces.

Known for their history and tradition, the British bring this aspect of their culture into their interiors. Many homes are a mix of periods and styles boasting a conservative, sophisticated design. These stately interiors never seem to go out of fashion. Below, you'll find a collection of handsome English style rooms.

This eclectic English living room is a mix of styles with its casual and formal elements.

Minty green, florals and stripes dress this formal English living room. Asian-inspired black elements add nice contrast.

A sophisticated living room is divided into two sitting areas with matching English style sofas. Two tall table lamps visually separate the space. A large formal rug ties the reds and gold of the room's accents together.

A more casual English style creates a comfortable and welcoming decor. Stripes, florals and the rug's design works nicely with the neutral sofa and chairs.

A mix of traditional and modern adds interest to this English music room. The abstract art above the piano, works as a focal point bringing the colors of the space together.

An English library gets dressed up with a flowing skirt and ornate arm chairs. I can just imagine spending an afternoon reading and learning in this lovely space.

Another English library features built-in bookcases, piles of books and modern art. The monochromatic furnishings create a comfortable place to spend the day. A light fixture above the table would offer a nice touch to the space.

A formal English space is a dressed up version of the other rooms shown here. It boasts layers of pattern, texture and rich color. A convex mirror acts as a focal point above the marble fireplace surroundings.

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What do you think of these English inspired designs? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to go here for a brilliant pendant light or wall sconce to brighten your home!

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