Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Design: Lovely Sunshine

I love sunshine. Like most people, that vitamin D makes me feel so much better so I try to soak up as much of it as possible. When you work in an office with terrible florescent lighting 45 hours a week sunlight becomes very important. I'm lucky to have a bright, sunny apartment with a back deck so I've definitely been taking advantage of that as much as I can. What I don't have is an amazing sun room in my backyard like this home.

I'm imagining lazy Sunday afternoons tucked away in this little sun cottage or Saturday tea times. It has everything you need for relaxing and entertaining encased in a greenhouse-like room. Everything about it is perfect. The glass walls and ceiling make give the illusion of being outdoors while protecting you from the elements and the set up is ideal for having company over or relaxing on your own. If you catch the fireplace in the back, chances are this sun room is probably used in the winter too. Which really seems like a better option since sun can be so scarce in the cold months! 

Found on Husohem.

Do you have a favorite sunny space?

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