Monday, November 11, 2013

Interior Design: Modern Luxury in Glass and Cement

As is evidenced by most of the interior design posts on this blog, I am not a big fan of modern or simple or clean. Generally, the more, the better. I just always seem to gravitate towards bay windows and decorative crown molding. I can't help it. It's a disease. This home in São Paulo, however, may have just converted me.
Take my breath away with these windows and the wood finishing. Who knew glass, cement, and wood could feel so welcoming? I'm not particularly impressed with the exterior architecture of the house, but the interior reminds be of a mix of a modern university and a swanky cafe - two things I obviously love.

The shelving in this hallway also reminds me of a library, which is always a draw for me.

The floor plan is already pretty open on this building, but the addition of the giant all glass walls really make it feel like the space goes on forever. Even in the hallway above you can see that it's not particularly wide, but it feels enormous. I love the glass wall trick for smaller spaces, especially when it's overlooking a gorgeous little courtyard. But that's a no duh.

I just love how the architects added warmth to the stainless steel kitchen with the wood paneled ceiling! So much grey and steel in a kitchen can feel cold and sterile, but the little splash of wood up top and the tan colored tiles really help to break it up and pull it into the next room. I am a fan.
Again, I think the exterior is boring. Or rather, it's been done. But the little details on the interior really make this place perfect for living in modern luxury in São Paulo.

What do you think? Love it or leave it?

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