Thursday, November 7, 2013

What I Wore: The Date Night Edition

Ah, date night. Doesn't matter if it's a night out with someone new, someone old, or just the girls, it's an excuse to get dressed up and who doesn't like that? Now, as much as I love layering for fall, I always have a much harder time picking out clothes to wear out as the weather cools down. I don't know about you, but for me, you throw a jacket into the mix and I no longer have any clue what I'm doing. This makes going out at night mostly one big panic attack. SO, when I do find an outfit that works and I like, I wear the crap out of it. You too?

This is one of those outfits. I bet I'm going to wear it until something rips. I tried to play it up with some fall staples like the pleather skirt, short sleeve sweater, and thigh highs. I like adding thigh highs to fall outfits because they make the whole thing more playful than tights.
Outfit details:
Short sleeve sweater top - Local Boutique 
Scalloped pleather skater skirt - Local Boutique (similar skirt)
Thigh highs - Target 
Black boots - Urban Outfitters 
*Please excuse the blurry photos. I'm breaking in a new camera stand ::ahem:: I mean, photographer.

This is a terrible outfit post because I bought everything locally, but I wanted to show off the details on this skirt that I'm in love with. Next outfit post I'll have something better for you guys, I swear!

What's your go to night out outfit?

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