Monday, December 9, 2013

Interior Design: Vacation Lodge in Wyoming

Anyone who knows me IRL, knows that I went on a road trip in April of this year and took a stop in Laramie, Wyoming that made me completely obsessed with the city and the state. I've told everyone that I plan on moving to Wyoming and marrying a cowboy. I'm only half joking. Seriously though, it was the best evening of the whole road trip and we ended up in California. The only draw back of Wyoming is the gorgeous mountain landscapes brings with it a 6-month winter and freaking hate the cold more than the KKK hates things that aren't white I don't do well in the cold. However, if I could spend all the winters in this luxurious, rustic lodge, I would move in a heartbeat. Boom. There.
This majestic, masterpiece of a vacation lodge is nestled in a rocky ridge overlooking Wilson, Wyoming and will only set you back..oh, you know a measly $65,000 a week to rent in the summer and $65,000 - $100,000 to rent during ski season. I don't even know what that kind of money looks like. No, wait I do. It looks like a beautiful rustic castle in Wyoming. Phillips Ridge really is a gorgeous example of woodland luxury though. All the modern amenities are included, such as TVs in every room (including the bathrooms). If you could afford to rent out this mountain mansion for a week, for the love of god take me with you!

Anyway, back to the decor. Aside from Phillips Ridge being surrounded by great views, the interior is really a splendid combination of modern and mountain. This is how I hope all ski lodges look. Even with modern fixtures, in-ceiling lights, what is probably an in-ceiling sound system, a fully stocked bar, and completely modern kitchen the exposed wood, antler chandeliers, and branch-looking railings still blend perfectly! It doesn't look like a updated, rustic lodge. Every element of the space fits into it perfectly without over-powering another. Even the TV in the bathroom makes sense. Way to go, interior designers! 

Side note: does that painting look like Lady Gaga or am I nuts?

This would definitely qualify in my top 5 winter vacation getaways. I will just longingly stare at it for now and dream of my own ranch with my cowboy. 

What's your go-to winter vacation spot?

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