Monday, December 2, 2013

Interior Design: Rustic and Modern Swedish Apartment

If anyone knows how to style a living space, it's the Swedes. It's not a secret, I'm sure, but when it come to interior design the Swedish always have their finger right on the pulse There is a reason that people flock to IKEA every weekend, right? This apartment in Gothenburg is no exception, but usually when I think of Swedish design I think of a very modern look. This apartment has a beautiful combination of modern and rustic, just like I love!

The wood accents throughout the living space make a perfect contrast with the stark, white walls. While the furniture is still on the sleek and modern side, the warmth of the brown wood keeps the open space from feeling too clean or sterile. I love the wide open floor plan too! This place just makes such great use of the natural wood beams and pulling them into the apartment. I love how the cupboards in the kitchen play off of the wood beams and floors, but have the metal handles to tie them into the rest of the appliances.

And the entry way has this great, rounded wall of exposed brick. It's like this place was made from my dreams.

The glass shelving built into the wood beams is just perfect! What a great way to make use of the architecture of the space. Although, I would probably have used white boards instead, just because glass tops make me nervous. I'm a clumsy human.

Rooftop views don't hurt. How do I get visa status in Sweden again?
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