Friday, December 13, 2013

Photo Friday: Secret Paper Adventures

I don't think it's a secret that I'm a daydreamer. And an introvert. (But I guess all creative people are? Amirite?) Often times, I'll be out with friends and get quiet - not because I have nothing to add to the conversation, but because someone said something that sent my brain spiraling down some secret, imaginary adventure that no one else can see. It's a blessing and a cruse. Mostly, I find it to be a curse. It means I can't focus on a damn thing for longer than 20 minutes.

This awesome photography piece by Japanese photographer Kouichi Chiba is the best way that I could have ever found to explain to someone how my brain works.

I love the combination of the imagined and the real in these photographs. It's the essence of every dreamer's brain. You see reality, but you also see more than reality. Although, I can't tell you I clearly see the adventures of little paper people, I can say that I understand the feeling of something more than what's happening in front of your face. That's what these say to me and I love every single photo.

These photographs are so fun and whimsical! I think I need to get a print made and hang in my office, to pull me out of the dredge of the every day.

Are you a daydreamer? Can you relate to these photographs?


  1. This is amazing! I found myself smiling and even getting a little teary while looking, and of course immediately began to....daydream too.

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