Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Meets Old: Vintage and Modern Interiors

I'm always very impressed when someone is able to decorate their home with thrift store charm and new pieces without making it feel cluttered or tacky. I have the unfortunate habit of liking too many things and wanting them all, so instead of a very well curated space, I have a hoarders haven. Now that I'm moving into a new space, I'm trying to be really particular about what I'm buying and keeping so that my space has a cohesive feel. I found this space the other day that masters in secondhand decorating and I definitely need to take a few lessons from this estate sale maven. 

I love the neutrals in the walls and furniture. The colors really seem to help pull together the thrifted elements. Anyone who's ever been to a thrift store knows that unless you're shopping for items from the 60s, most things weren't very vibrant in color. Of course, stopping me from painting my walls an obnoxious mint green in a difficult task. 

 The perfect little dining room with  mix and match chairs!

 I love the half and half hallway with the birch tree wallpaper. It's a genius was to use the wallpaper without breaking the bank. Wallpaper is so much more expensive than you'd expect. Fortunately, you can also always add birch touches with wall decals (like I plan on doing)!

This is really what I want to do. Leave the walls neutral with pops of color in the unexpected places, like the tops of these stools!

I am also taking notes on this sewing room. I need to recreate this in my new space. 

Take a look at the whole home tour on Better Homes and Gardens

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