Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Design: New York Chic

There's nothing I love more than a home tour of an interior designer, because I always imagine that they live perfectly - no book out of place, no dirty laundry on the floor, no dishes in the sink. This is, I realize, a perfectly unrealistic point of view, but the magazine spreads make me believe it's true! Anyway, I found this home our of interior designer Rodman Primack, Californian living in New York, and was instantly smitten. It was definitely cleaned and staged, but something about it still feels beautifully lived in. And not lived in like my apartment is lived in, where you're constantly tripping over someone's shoes. No, not like that. See for yourself.

I love these shelves and how organized everything looks, even though he obviously has a large collection of things. However, even though there is a large assortment of knick knacks, they all have a similar sensibility and style that really make this apartment come to life. It's not just gorgeous, it's alive.  

Gnome in the fireplace? Yes, please! Also, I love this collection of rugs. They really flow together and make the apartment feel cozy even though they're totally mis-matched and don't fit the area perfectly. I bet he finds a lot of cool stuff in thrift stores and junk shops around New York.

Art, art, everywhere! I think that's the answer to a happy home and a happy life. 

 New need: a gorgeous quilted bedspread!

 Originally found on Planete Deco.

 Plus, the apartment comes with this guy. Where do I sign up?

What do you think? Too stylized or comfortably cluttered? 

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