Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Trendspotting: Bikini Season

Oh you know it's here already and if you're a big slacker like me, you still haven't picked out your new swimsuit for the season. I know this isn't a new trend, the retro 50s style bathing suit has been all over catalogs and websites for a few years now, but I still don't have one! ::despair:: Well, I'm changing that this year! Maybe. I hope. Well, it's on my wishlist anyway.

So in preparation of sinking about $100 into a bathing suit that I promise myself I will wear at least once a week this summer - I am horrible at keep promises to myself - I picked out a few styles of retro bathing suits that I absolutely love and would be my dream to find for cheap. Warning: some of these are by no means affordable, I pulled them mainly for their shape and style.

This is actually my current most likely candidate. What do you think? Fun or too maternity? 

I have to say that this is my dream retro bathing suit and I've been hunting down something like this for almost two summers now. Unfortunately, I still have not been able to fine one like it in my price range. What a bummer.

What do you say? Retro bathing suits: yay or nay?

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