Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Design: Icelandic Warmth

After taking a much needed holiday break from the world of the bloggies, I am back in action! Did you miss me? Well I've been sitting around plotting and planning on how to finish off the year, so hopefully it'll be a good one. Stay tuned!

After having a (mostly) restful week full of the three f's (friends, family, food), it probably makes perfect sense that the interior design schemes and photography that have been catching my eye this week all involved very relaxed looking, yet still lived in spaces. This tiny home in Iceland is exactly that.

When I first saw this home, the design elements just seemed so warm and inviting even though the decor is pretty minimal and the color scheme mainly consists of black, white, and blue. But there's still something so inviting about they way that each of the rooms are designed. I also love the cloudy light in all of the photos, it give them a really sleepy, dreamy effect. Makes me want to just jump in and lay on one of those cozy beds.

This room has just enough light to pull off that one black wall. It's a great alternative to the all black room that was trendy in interior design last year. Off setting it with the white pillows and navy touches was a great idea too!

This house had electricity added to it after the owners moved in, but the exposed wires and hanging light bulbs blend beautifully with this little industrial touches in the home. The design kind of looks like bits and pieces were scrapped together to make this a home, but of course it all works so perfectly together.

What do you think? Would you live in this tiny home?


  1. Its so perfect, it balances warm and cozy with light and airy perfectly. Plus tiny spaces RULE. I'm going to Iceland in a few months and I'm already freaking out about charming everything looks in pictures.

    1. You're going to ICELAND? That's awesome! Who does that? I can't wait to see a blog post update about your trip.


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